1. Cheers for adding this Maureen! I simply included the references whose concepts were directly referenced in the piece. Friedländer’s text is a recommended addition to anyone interested in Caravaggio, I’d add the same for Creighton Gilbert as well.

    Not all art historians are insular, some commented on that very post and many of the regulars at 3PP are from this ‘rarified priesthood’ I think the newer generation of art historians are starting to realise the wonderful potential of the web to spread information and allow collaboration between disciplines. There will always be those who prefer to remain cloistered, though you can find this in any profession.

    Many Kind Regards

  2. Jack.Dobbyn

    By all means, Creighton Gilbert. “Caravaggio and the Two Cardinals,” written in the mid-1990s, places Caravaggio squarely and luminously within the religious politics of the Counter Reformation era. Add to the list.

  3. Rozlo

    Perhaps I have not read the right material, but I have often wondered why no one seems to have commented on the uncanny similarity between Caravaggio’s painting (now lost, but a copy of it is reproduced in Frielander) of a penitent Magdalene and Bernini’s St. Teresa. One is in an ecstasy of remorse, the other of celestial love. But the pose and expression are identical.

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