1. Sam

    Sesquipedalianality: Adding Letters to Words
    The Pedagogy of Porn: Sexless Tenures Keeping Themselves Awake
    Materials, Practice, Process: Studio Rigor for Talentless Artists
    Oh Shit: Paying Down School Loans by Waiting Tables
    The Art of Pranks: You Paid How Much for this Class?
    Transcultural Visuality: More Euro-Centric Anti-Euro-Centrism
    Hell Freezing Over: The Day We Get You a Job

  2. Alyssa

    The CAA Conference is its own prank. The joke is on MFA grads looking for jobs. Laurie Fendrich [in The Chronicle of Higher Education] has written about the scandal of continuing to turn out credentialed MFAs who have little hope of finding paid employment.

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