1. Marthe Lépine

    I suppose there are various kinds of collectors… A relative of mine usually made a point of purchasing at least one painting at each show that some of her friends who were artists, because she had a good paying job and believed in helping her friends at least recover the cost of putting the show on. It resulted in an interesting collection of works by artists from her area; and she eventually gave me over 21 works. And, as an artist myself, I enjoy getting pieces by other artists I know, as well as the ones I studied with, or under. This is also a collection, but there is absolutely no intend to “invest in art” for the purpose of gaining from the works increase in value. However, I was very pleased recently when I was going through financial problems and discovered that an Inuit print I had purchased 40 years ago just as a “souvenir” of a particular area where I had had a job, had now multiplied 10 times in value. It certainly did help, but I had not purchased the print for that reason.

  2. Studio Matters

    Yes, absolutely, there are different kinds of collectors. The term, though, does not quite
    apply to what you describe. Buying art simply to live with, to learn from, or to support friends,
    is not the kind of collecting I was referring to. It was the speculative collector—a relatively new
    phenomenon historically—and the social climber (“I have three Matisses. How many do
    you have?” “My Picasso is bigger than yours.”) that was my subject.

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