1. Beatrice

    How nice to see Joan Snyder called a hack. What a relief!

  2. PainterJoe

    Hey, hey, ho, ho. Western civ has go to go!
    Remember that chant? It seems to be going faster than we think. Thanks, ladies.

  3. Sam

    I remember hearing a talk by Maud Lavin at the Art Institute of Chicago on one of her books. She kept referring to “metaphysics” in a way that I later understood to be the nonsense astrology type stuff. James Elkins was also in the audience and I remember him repeatedly asking her, “What are you talking about?”

  4. formerartstudent

    Maud Lavin! An upscale version of the Red Tenters! And a high-placed academic.
    Here’s a quote from Lavin:” Working in an arts environment has impacted my research — It’s encouraged me to see writing and its forms as creative explorations”

    Impacted her research! Impacted, for godsake! Sounds like a dental condition. The academics are as muddled as the ladies in the moon lodge, or whatever. Lavin sounds like she is the first person to see writing as creative.

  5. Michaela

    The moral and spiritual grandeur of the Judeo-Christian tradition? Are you having a joke? It is sentences like that which exspose you to be incredibly delusioned – not the women you are objecting to.

  6. Studio Matters

    No, Michaela, I wasn’t joking. Neither was I being provocative–though I knew when I wrote it that that phrase would get someone’s goat. Certainly, the West has blood on its hand; of course it has sinned. But its sins are ones shared with every other civilizaition since the dawn of time. The West has betrayed its own ideals many times, in many ways. Nevertheless—and this is crucial—its ideals are unique to it. Not to recognize the grandeur of those ideals is to descend into blind negation.

    Historic pieties regarding the integrity of human nature and the absolute value of each individual are distinctly Western in origin. The concept of human rights is Western; so is cultural emphasis on reason, on self-awareness and self-criticism which rest on the very concept of the individual [as distinct from the tribe or volk]. It is moral idiocy to think that cultural emphasis on the dignity of the individual will survive in a post-Western world.

  7. hagheid

    Snyder – Flibbertigibbet

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