PIC SUPPLIED BY GEOFF ROBINSON PHOTOGRAPHY 07976 880732. AWKWARD PHOTO TAKEN BY A UK FAMILY They are the festive photos most families would want to forget but these embarrassing snaps have become an Internet sensation. Parents posing in paisley pyjamas, a family dressed in fig leaves and a couple with reindeer antlers are some of the most popular pictures on the Awkward Family Photos website. The website, which has 15 million hits a month, allows readers to share their awkward family images. Creators Mike Bender, 35 and Doug Chernack, from America, have received an incredible 80,000 pictures since the site was started in April 2009. They have now published a book of the silliest snaps and hope it will become a Christmas bestseller. "It all started when my mum hung a picture on the wall of me, my dad and my brother doing a silly ski pose for my dad's 50th birthday," said Mike. "I went out for lunch with my friend Doug and told him about the picture and he said he had lots of embarrassing family photos too. "It got me thinking that everyone must have awkward pictures and we decided to set up a website to share them as a sort of celebration of awkwardness." The website was soon discussed on a radio station and within a week it had a million hits. SEE COPY CATCHLINE Awkward family xmas photos


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