November 2015

We know Theodore Dalrymple as a contributing editor to City Journal and a fellow of the Manhattan Institute, which publishes the journal. So you might easily have missed his October 1st essay “A Bien Pensant Pope.” It did not appear as expected in City Journal but in the Online Library of Law & Liberty. It was Dalrymple’s clear-eyed response to Francis’ address to the United States Congress. Herewith:
The Pope’s recent address to a joint session of Congress was greeted ecstatically, though (or perhaps because) it was notable mainly for its secular rather than for its religious pieties.
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Note to Readers

My blog is back home where it was before it migrated to FT’s server. Some cryptic stuff under the hood is still being tweaked. But there is enough in place to get going. But first, a clarifying word or two.   The blog began in 2009 with the name Studio Matters. That is why Gustave Courbet’s The Painter’s Studio occupies the header. Courbet’s full title is too sententious for general use: A Real Allegory of a Seven Year Phase of My Artistic and Moral Life. Continue Reading