1. Someone would have to want to miss the point to see this as a jibe at the eighth graders. It is clearly aimed at the adult supervisors. But of course, this is the Upper West Side, right? Insinuating negativity toward the U.S. in a 9/11 memorial is about what you’d expect from that zip code.

  2. From most of the comments on the Awl site it looks like none of the commenters came back here to read the full post or even to determine Maureen’s gender. And from a number of comments it appears that all they read was the headline of Sichas post, not even bothering to read the excerpt he provided.

  3. Oh, Tim. That is disheartening. The issue at stake in the post had nothing at all to do with gender. Nothing to do with any aspect of identity politics. It is worrisome that attention to larger issues gets lost in balkanized interests. If we cannot cohere as one people—a people with a sense of history—we are headed for suicide.

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