Sam Brinton: Malice & The Physics of Kink

The Brinton phenomenon is essential to grasping the degree of malice toward normality—or heterosexualism as queer theory puts it—that has seeped, like hydrogen flouride, into our culture at the highest levels.

My schadenfreude index skyrocketed when Sam Brinton was arrested for twice stealing women’s luggage. Mainstream staff writers, though, had to do an egg walk. Careful ones reported along the lines of: “Brinton is non-binary. His pronouns are they and them. They is married to Kevin Rieck. I’m cool with that. But kleptomania? That crosses a line.”

Everything about the man, including the farce of his having been hired in the first place, should frighten us. Be relieved that he was arrested before he had more time to convert the Department of Energy’s Spent Fuel and Waste Disposal unit into a furry pack of puppy lovers.

Whether the darling of kink will ever be indicted is an open question.


Brinton and Pup Nubi
Brinton and his pup at The Eagle, a NYC leather bar on W. 28th Street. Pup Night is every 4th Friday of the month.


The photo above was published online January 14, 2016. Brinton’s enrollment in the fetish and kink “community” was well known by the time he was appointed to a high-security position in the DOE in January, 2022. This should make us all quake. How much rot can spread through our institutions before the structures collapse? And what are the names of the people who participated in advancing an out-and-proud mental case?

It is a ready guess that Brinton was hired for the same reason Richard (now “Rachel”) Levine was made a four-star admiral in Health and Human Services. Both were gleeful moves, a middle finger to deplorable concepts of normalcy. The word normative, in leftist usage, is an epithet.  More precisely, it is  a polite-sounding expletive that conveys a systemic hostility toward those norms that enable a society to cohere.

Brinton’s aggressive narcissism parades sexual quirks that leftists have elevated to a protective status. His leanings warrant sanctuary, like the habits of the black rhino or the Bornean orangutan. Not so long ago, what we now designate as non-binary—a sciencey-sounding neologism—was described differently. It used to be called conduct, not an identity. Until recently, today’s non-binary exhibitionist would just be one of those switch-hitters, a mildly jocular phrase. You could simply say, “Sam is AC-DC” and be done with it.

Not any more. Sexual practices were considered behavior back then. And behaviors could be approved or disapproved. But identity trumps scrutiny and appraisal. It leapfrogs over judgment into a category close to race. Minority proclivities and corresponding identities [Is pedophile next?] are distinct expressions of the human rainbow inscribed on our DNA. Much like bone density, skin color, or the shape of our incisors. (Who was the wag who quipped that the Respect For Marriage Act is a codicil to the Endangered Species Act?)

•    •    •    •    •

About now some of you will raise a hand to say that the AC-DC umbrella does not quite cover Brinton: “He’s a gay man whose AC-DC-ness finds expression in mounting ‘pups,’ not women.” True, but let us not put too fine a point on that. Credentialed insanity is in the saddle and rides whatever is at hand. Anything goes.

Sir Sam Brinton and the Newtonian physics of spanking

Our nuclear waste sage lectures on the physics of kink. It is all such fun, this mix of perversity and nuclear energy. On November 30, Daily Mail reported on Brinton’s participation at a fetish conference in Los Angeles sponsored by Claw Corp, a national leather group.

Last Saturday, Sam Brinton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, who could be facing five years in prison for the bag theft, presented a seminar titled: ‘Spanking: From Calculus To Chemistry.’ . . .

Brinton, who presented at the event under the pseudonym, NuclearNerd, has been teaching their [his] ‘Physics of Kink’ class at universities and community events ‘across the country for years,’ according to their [his] profile on CLAW’s website.

The bio goes on to say: ‘They [Brinton] have been active in the kink world since 2013, host monthly kink parties in their dungeon in Washington, DC, and estimate they have spanked over 2,000 cute butts.’

Brinton is listed in CLAW’s 2019 year book under the name Sir Sam Brinton where they taught a class on the ‘Newtonian physics of spanking.’ They added: ‘Physics is a pivotal part of the kink experience.’

Daily Mail prints a blurry screen grab of CLAW’s advert for Sir Brinton’s syllabus. This is clearer:

Whether it is the thermodynamics of war play, the tension forces of bondage, the magnetic fields of electro play, or the Newtonian physics of spanking, physics is a pivotal part of the kink experience. Come learn the nerdy side of all your favorite kinks including the soon-to-be-published paper on the spring force constant calculation of a butt under the impact of spanking. With a module of demos, equations, and discussion, this is sure to be a much talked about class for CLAW.

[FYI: Electro play refers to sex toys i.e. Kink Lab’s neon wand electro whip, offered on Ebay for $49.50]

Elagabalus and the Nuclear Nerd

Below, Brinton strikes a pose at a Faces of Resilience event organized to condemn conversion therapy. Something about the pose and the costume—the floral gown, gaudy heels and headress—calls to mind one of Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s anecdotal scenes of the ancient world.

Brinton at Playboy Playhouse, 2019
Brinton at Playboy Playhouse on June 22, 2019 in NYC.


Alma-Tadema painting
Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888).

Alma-Tadema painted an incident from the bizarre reign of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, knicknamed Elagabalus. [Much more here and an interesting note here.] Emperor of Rome from 218-222 AD, his exaggerated effeminacy, promiscuity, and megalomaniacal indulgence in whims—sexual and otherwise—led to his assassination. Among his recorded extravagances was a party at which he deluged guests with a heavy downpour of rose petals. Not all guests survived the revel. Some suffocated under the density of the petals.

Might there be a lesson in this?

•    •    •    •    •

“Sam Brinton Saves The World”

That is the headline of an interview with Brinton in a newsletter from MIT Technology and Policy Program (TPP). Published May 21, 2021, it begins this way: “A champion for LGBTQ rights, Brinton got dual masters in nuclear engineering and TPP so they [Brinton’s vanity pronoun] could “save the world from nuclear waste.”

Asked how he is making an impact, Brinton answered:

My husband sometimes describes me as a weird kind of Batman. Why, you might ask? Because by day I work to save lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth from suicide, and by night I work to save the world from nuclear waste related environmental disaster.

Our world-saver explains why he chose TPP:

My time at MIT was spent coming out and coming into my own. While nuclear engineering students told me the only reason I was admitted into the Institute was because of my “diversity” fellowship, TPP students never imagined putting me in that kind of box. . . . Cambridge and the MIT community gave me a place to grow and learn. I wasn’t the only nuclear nerd. I wasn’t the only bisexual.

So, MIT offers diversity fellowships. That point is not lost on Thomas J. Bruno in his recent essay in American Thinker.  Bruno is a forty year veteran of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As a scientist in the Applied Chemical and Materials Division of NIST, he knows the bases—including the metrics of citation—on which scientific credibility is built. In his view, Brinton has none:

I don’t want to get bogged down in the minutia of these metrics, but this record is patently abysmal. It means that nobody in his field has ever valued his contribution. Ever.

. . . . fully 10 years after receiving his master’s degree (from MIT, no less), Brinton’s objectively measured impact of record has been nil. Indeed, it would be unfair to say that Brinton has had little technical impact on his field; the reality is that he has had no impact.

Bruno is cautious. He emphasizes that he does not object to Brinton’s gender fluidity or couture. His sole offense is a “pathetically sparse record of scientific/engineering accomplishments since leaving school in 2013.” Egg shells intact, good Dr. Bruno hopes Brinton receives treatment:

But I also hope, for the good of the United States, that people of accomplishment become senior technical managers in technical agencies such as the Department of Energy.

We hope the same.

Correction: Admiral Levine’s dead name is Richard—not David. It is corrected above.