The End of the Modern World

Writing in 1956, Romano Guardini reflected on man’s place in a world hurtling toward what we call today postmodernism. The End of the Modern World is a bleak reflection but a necessary one. Guardini, professor of philosophy and theology that he was, leaped beyond abstractions here to enter the battle for souls that theoretical formulas doxycycline online no prescription One stark passage alone is worth volumes of academic theology written by court theologians for fellow courtiers. He is speaking of the eschatological conditions under which modern man lives and the religious temper of his self-created future:
With these words I proclaim no facile apocalyptic.
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My Apologies

STRAIGHTAWAY, MY APOLOGIES FOR BEING IN lipitor online no prescription A few readers emailed to scold me for letting things lapse. Nothing is worse than a blog with no blogging going on, as I’ve been told. buy lexapro online no prescription Irresponsible, someone chided. Boring, was another complaint. All true. Have patience. Things will continue shortly. Life has a way of . . . well, getting in the way of the best laid plans. Bobbie Burns had it right; mice and men are equally vulnerable to the accidents of living. Continue Reading