The Museum of Motherhood

Motherhood, as you understand and honor it, is passé. Outmoded. It has faded into a quant bit of Americana, an artifact of folklore like Johnny Appleseed or Aunt Jemima.

The Good Mother GuideThat is the undisquised message of the Museum of Motherhood (MOM), established this past January on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Following the lead of “museums” of contemporary art, MOM exists neither to preserve nor conserve an iota of cultural heritage. It obtains exclusively to promote a product. In this case, the article on display is a stake through the heart of our “cultural fairy tale” of what constitutes a family.

The Other MotherMOM’s website features a daily blog, Mamablogger365 , open to submissions on the subject of “reframing” motherhood. Kimberly Dark’s entry for May 5 th is a definitive decoction of this new and exciting project. Substance is all there in the title: “Queer Parenting—Can We Stop Acting Like It Is Something New?”:

Even if we find the fairy tale [of traditional marriage and family] foolish and think there’s nothing wrong with non-adherence, this story is in our cultural consciousness.

Ms. Dark, aka Mommy Queerest, welcomes the MOMuseum’s mission to supplant the antiquated preachments of our false cultural consciousness:

Here’s the truth of it: Sometimes people meet and marry and have children. Often, people start having sex with one another before marriage and sometimes children result. Sometimes marriages involve sexual fidelity – sometimes not.
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Sometimes multiple sexual partners are a planned part of loving relationships, sometimes not. And any combination of those people can create children, or not. Some people have children without marrying. Some people can’t have their own children because neither of them is able to give birth – either because of their own fertility or because both of them are the same gender. Yes, sometimes people of the same gender have sex, and fall in love, and sometimes they even marry – either because gay marriage is legal where they live or they gain state support by concealing or changing one of their genders in order to conform to cultural norms. All of this has been happening for all of recorded time. All of it. Families are complex and we construct them both in accordance with and in opposition to cultural norms and laws.

For all of recorded time All of it . Ms. Dark, an LBGT performer and sociology professor, puts queer scholarship to work in the war against the intellect that has become the hallmark of popular culture.

Go to MOM’s website, follow the links, and weep. Under the gaudy banner of gay liberation and reproductive rights, women have succeeded in doing what Western patriarchy has not. They have maneuvered women to the status of brood mares.
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And proud of it.

• • • •
Note: MOM is here . Kimberly Dark’s site is here . Joy Rose, foundress and executive director of MOM and The Motherhood Foundation, can be found here . The Foundation is a certified 501(c)(3), tax exempt contribution to the demotion of traditional concepts of marriage and family.