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I CLOSED THE COMMENT SECTION on the previous post [on David Lynch] because it was turning into a pissing contest. In all candor, it is good for people to speak their minds and to be passionate about the subject at hand. Problem is, vehemence has a tendency to obliterate the subject.
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Please do argue when you are up for it.
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I have no stock in kumbaya and am not particularly interested in sweet harmony. Contention is valuable. Anonymity makes it easier—a good thing—but it also greases the wheels under the urge to take personal swipes—not a good thing. Anger rising is more fun over Rogue Dead Guy Ale in the Lucky Dog bar than on the page.


Stuart E. Hample cartoon


So, feel free to miss the point, ignore evidence, concoct straw men, chase red herrings, and cling to your favorite deductive fallacies. You can be slavishly devoted to whatever jerk-du-jour on the art scene that grabs you. Just don’t get unpleasant with each other.

Final thought:


© 2011 Maureen Mullarkey


  1. Dang, just when it was getting good!

  2. Getting off topic is entertaining. Where is your sense of humor?

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