1. Bob_Nash

    Kapoor lived in Israel for about 3 years in the early Seventies. So I guess that stakes his claim on the designated honor. What matters, though, is the Israel Museum’s dependence on a brand name. Kapoor’s monumental mirrored pieces
    are something of a trademark these days, aren’t they? Nothing specific for Israel.

  2. Heather

    Anish Kapoor has to be the most over-sold artist running. If the Israel Museum was “parochial” in this commission, it means it surrendered independent judgment for an art world celebrity. The Jewish angle is pretty slim, on the face of it. [Is Kapoor a practicing Jew?] Good question: was there no resident Israeli artist of any talent deserving of the honor? My guess is there was.

  3. Sara Sefton Shor

    Good article – Heddy. I love the sculpture I just hope the Museum gets its act together soon re: landscaping etc. It still looks like a building site.
    Your comments regarding the fact that Israeli artists have to leave the country before they’re recognized is too true. Maybe this will only change when enough of us learn how to be politicians as well as artists!

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