July 2011


WHEN A READER HAS TO MAKE MY POINT for me, I know I failed to do it myself. John_L, in his comment to the previous post, has it just right: The true target of that post was the prevailing preoccupation with forestalling, denying or outwitting our mortality. Obsession with hand sanitizer, organic food, and bottled water are just various manifestations of that preoccupation.buy Overnight Drugs generic https://buynoprescriptionrxxonline.net over the counter // // In themselves, there is nothing objectionable about any of these things. Continue Reading

I could not believe my eyes at Mass this morning. There in the sanctuary, just behind and to the right (stage left) of the altar, was a bottle of hand sanitizer. It was not tucked discreetly behind a vase of flowers. There were no flowers. Just an economy-sized dispenser of Purell. The Church has distributed the Eucharist for 2,000 years without benefit of ethyl alcohol. But now my parish has it, right up there in a sacred space. The ancient ritual of the priestly Lavabo (“I will wash my hands among the innocent, and will walk around Thy altar, O God.”) Continue Reading
Independence Day

LOST IN THE CHEERY GREETING, “Happy 4th of July,” is the solemnity of Independence Day and the magnificence of our Declaration of Independence. // That came home to me yesterday at the grocery check-out. The young man at the register handed me my change with a mechanical, “Have a good one.” (There is a phrase to set the teeth on edge.) I responded with, “Happy Independence Day.” He looked startled for a second before muttering, “Oh . . . yeah.” So, please, for his sake and that of all his brethren, let us mark the day. Continue Reading
Arty Bollocks, Redux

JOKE DE WINTER (The first name is Flemish, no joking.) is the technical genie behind the Arty Bullocks Generator.buy lasix online https://buywithoutprescriptiononlinerx.net/lasix.html no prescription She emailed to say that the Generator now has its own home at http://www.artybollocks.com. It has also been updated to include more arty phrases in the service of more screwball combinations. If you are able to appreciate the relation between multiculturalism and UFO sightings—or, maybe, copycat violence—this is the site for you. If you want your press releases to sound like this .buy Continue Reading